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NOTICE: On 3 October 2006, I was notified that Bruce Wilcox, the creator of this site, passed away. With permission from his sister, IFB Web will continue to keep this website up and running. Please use the "Contact Us" link in the menu if you have questions or need assistance.

*** NOTE: It's been brought to my attention that there are spelling errors in these documents. Please forgive me, as I don't have time to correct this, for the immediate future. If you open the documents in Word or Open Office, you should be able to run SpellChecker, and make the appropriate corrections.

*** NOTE: It's also been brought to my attention that while this is the KJV 1611 Bible, it's more correctly the revised 1769 edition (corrected for some word usage, spellings, etc.). This does not detract from it being the original KJV 1611; many encyclopedias and dictionaries publish revisions every few years, but are still known as their original designation.

Download, format and print the King James Bible (1611 Authorized Version)

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works." 2 Timothy 3:16-17, KJV

Updated February 26, 2006.

This project was inspired by the excellent King James Bible PDF files available at (note: InterLeaf is no longer offering the .pdf files). As an alternative to permanently-bound Bibles for note-taking, loose-leaf Bibles printed from files such as these can be useful tools for pastors, teachers and students. To supplement the PDF files offered at InterleafBible, offered here are similar KJV Bible files in Microsoft Word and plain text formats.

The text of the King James Bible is in the public domain, and the formatting of the files available on this site are released into the public domain as well. Please feel free to use, copy and share these files as you see fit. It is requested that the files be distributed freely and not sold for profit. It is also requested that the text contained within these files not be modified except to correct typographic errors. ("Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you." Deuteronomy 4:2)

Why Word documents?

Some may find it useful to have modifiable Bible files. By altering margins, type size, typeface, etc., a loose-leaf Bible may be printed to match a particular user's needs. For example, a wide-margin format for note-taking could be converted into a large-print format for easier reading by reducing the margins and increasing the size of the text.

Why text files?

The King James Bible is available in text format from many sources on the Internet. For easy viewing electronically, these files typically list book, chapter and verse at the beginning of each verse (e.g., GEN 001:002, GEN 001:003, etc.). This makes them cumbersome to import and print as traditional Bibles from a word processor. For those without access to Microsoft Word, text files closer to a classic format are offered, and these may be imported into almost any word processor.



  • Authorized Version, King James Bible
  • faithful to the 1769 edition, without modern spelling or word changes
  • faithful to the Cambridge version of the text (the Oxford version has a few minor word differences)
  • italicized words (those English words added to correct grammatical differences with the original languages)
  • classic verse-by-verse formatting
  • paragraph marks
  • classic book titles as used in Cambridge and Oxford Bibles
  • 1611 Preface to the Reader
  • 1611 Epistle Dedicatory
  • Psalm headings (e.g., "A Psalm of David")
  • footnotes for Epistles (e.g., "Written from Rome to Philemon, by Onesimus a servant.")

Notes re the Word documents:

  • wide 1.75" margins and 9 point text, but may be easily reformatted
  • standard paragraph marks
  • added English words in italic text
  • Word 97/2000/2001/X format, but may be opened in Word 95 or 6 with a converter available from Microsoft
  • drop caps are not used for the first verse of each chapter as these would make resizing text difficult
  • chapter titles (e.g., CHAPTER 8, etc.) may be on the bottom of columns with the chapters themselves in the next column or on the next page - these should not be corrected until the final format (size, margins, etc.) is set
  • the Preface to the Reader contains Greek text displayed using the Symbol font - some strings in this font do not wrap (reason unknown)
  • in addition to documents for individual books, a single document containing the entire Bible is available - this document is large and requires a considerable amount of memory to open in Word
  • the index page in the "entire Bible" document includes space for page numbers, but page numbers are not included as these would change if documents are reformatted

Notes re the text files:

  • paragraph marks are represented by "#"s for compatibility with any computer
  • italicized words are in brackets
  • in addition to documents for individual books, a single file containing the entire Bible is available - this file is large and requires a considerable amount of memory to open in a word processor or text editor



The Word documents are formatted for 8.5"x11" paper. Mylar-reinforced three-hole punched paper is recommended if the pages are to receive heavy use. The complete Bible as formatted for the files on this site is 1141 pages long and would require 572 sheets if printed double-sided. By reducing the point size of the text, an entire Bible could be printed using one ream of paper.

For additional information on printing a loose-leaf Bible, please visit the InterleafBible site.



To download files, click on the "Word" or "text" links below. All files are compressed in ZIP format. As of May 2004, Microsoft Word files are also available in uncompressed .DOC format at the Old Paths Baptist Institute of the Bible web site. Please contact me if you have any difficulties obtaining the files in a usable format.

entire KJV Bible, single large file Word, 1.5MB text, 1.2MB
entire KJV Bible, folder with individual files Word, 1.8MB text, 1.3MB

1611 Preface to the Reader Word, 36KB text, 24KB
1611 Epistle Dedicatory Word, 8KB text, 4KB Updated February 24, 2004.

GenesisWord, 88KBtext, 60KB
ExodusWord, 80KBtext, 56KB
LeviticusWord, 48KBtext, 32KB
NumbersWord, 64KBtext, 44KB
DeuteronomyWord, 60KBtext, 44KB
JoshuaWord, 44KBtext, 28KB
JudgesWord, 40KBtext, 32KB
RuthWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
1 SamuelWord, 56KBtext, 40KB
2 SamuelWord, 48KBtext, 36KB
1 KingsWord, 52KBtext, 40KB
2 KingsWord, 48KBtext, 36KB
1 ChroniclesWord, 52KBtext, 36KB
2 ChroniclesWord, 56KBtext, 44KB
EzraWord, 24KBtext, 16KB
NehemiahWord, 32KBtext, 20KB
EstherWord, 16KBtext, 12KB
JobWord, 52KBtext, 36KB
PsalmsWord, 112KBtext, 76KB
ProverbsWord, 44KBtext, 28KB
EcclesiastesWord, 12KBtext, 12KB
Song of SolomonWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
IsaiahWord, 84KBtext, 64KB
JeremiahWord, 88KBtext, 68KB
LamentationsWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
EzekielWord, 80KBtext, 56KB
DanielWord, 20KBtext, 8KB
HoseaWord, 16KBtext, 12KB
JoelWord, 8KBtext, 8KB
AmosWord, 16KBtext, 8KB
ObadiahWord, 4KBtext, 4KB
JonahWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
MicahWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
NahumWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
HabakkukWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
ZephaniahWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
HaggaiWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
ZechariahWord, 20KBtext, 12KB
MalachiWord, 8KBtext, 4KB

MatthewWord, 56KBtext, 40KB
MarkWord, 40KBtext, 28KB
LukeWord, 60KBtext, 48KB
JohnWord, 44KBtext, 32KB
ActsWord, 60KBtext, 44KB
RomansWord, 28KBtext, 20KB
1 CorinthiansWord, 28KBtext, 20KB
2 CorinthiansWord, 20KBtext, 12KB
GalatiansWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
EphesiansWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
PhilippiansWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
ColossiansWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
1 ThessaloniansWord, 8KBtext, 8KB
2 ThessaloniansWord, 8KBtext, 8KB
1 TimothyWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
2 TimothyWord, 8KBtext, 8KB
TitusWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
PhilemonWord, 4KBtext, 4KB
HebrewsWord, 24KBtext, 16KB
JamesWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
1 PeterWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
2 PeterWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
1 JohnWord, 12KBtext, 8KB
2 JohnWord, 4KBtext, 4KB
3 JohnWord, 4KBtext, 4KB
JudeWord, 8KBtext, 4KB
RevelationWord, 28KBtext, 20KB



Alternatives to the files on this site and those at include pre-printed loose-leaf bibles from Bible publishers, such as the Hendrickson KJV Loose-Leaf Bible, ISBN 1565635612. I have seen loose-leaf KJVs from other publishers such as World and Kirkbride has offered a loose-leaf Thompson Chain Reference KJV, but their availability has been sporadic.



February 26, 2006: Added link to Hyles Publications and Local Church Bible Publishers. Also added "Alternatives" section and updated Q&A and Bible review pages.

September 15, 2004: Removed link to Hyles Publications, added link for Book Heaven.

August 30, 2004: Added links to Lewis Bible Bindery, First Word Publishers, Trinitarian Bible Society and Lifeline Printing.

August 28, 2004: Added KJV Bible Review page.

August 24, 2004: Description of Interleaf Bible site in Links section updated. Also restored link to Hyles Publications.

August 16, 2004: Site restored after inadvertent deletion.

July 20, 2004: Removed link to Hyles Publications (interleaf Bible no longer available on this site).

May 20, 2004: Added link to the Old Paths Baptist Institute of the Bible, which offers for downloading these files in uncompressed .DOC format. Thanks to Dan H. for bringing this to my attention.

March 1, 2004: Bad links to the Exodus files corrected. Thanks to Gary for bringing this to my attention.

February 24, 2004: The Epistle Dedicatory in individual text and Word files and complete Bible files updated. Italics, capitalization and punctuation changed to match the Dedicatory in Cambridge KJV Bibles (Cambridge Compact Reference KJV used as a guide). Thanks to Mr. Rae for bringing this to my attention.



Many thanks to IFB Web for hosting this site!

The Fundamental Top 500The Fundamental Top 500 - Wide-margin KJV Bible PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. The inspiration for this site.

Sources of inexpensive and/or unique leather-bound KJV Bibles:

Bearing Precious Seed Bibles from BibleBelievers.Com - Very high quality leather-bound KJV bibles at cost (plus donation). Large-print, wide-margin and Old Scofield Bibles offered.

Book Heaven / Challenge Press - A ministry of the Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Pennsylvania. Very moderately priced Oxford Old Scofield KJV Bibles.

Hyles Publications - Low prices on Anchor Classic Note Bibles (bound interleaf), also offers Stonehaven Press Old Scofield KJV and Classic Soul-Winner's New Testament.

Lewis Bible Bindery - Very moderately priced KJV Bibles, hand-bound in high quality leathers.

Lifeline Printing, Philippines - Interleaf 1909 Scofield Reference Bibles and Christian Workers New Testaments.

Local Church Bible Publishers - Bearing Precious Seed KJV Bibles (see BibleBelievers.Com above), offered directly from the ministry that prints them.

R.L. Allan, Glasgow, Scotland - Oxford and Cambridge KJV Bibles, many hand-bound in durable and unusual leathers by their own craftsmen.

Trinitarian Bible Society - Interesting selection of KJV Bibles in different sizes.


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